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2012 :)
Saturday, 21 January 2012 | 0 comment(s)
hello there <3

 21 January 2012<<-- yesterday was my big Sista engagement day. so, congrats to Erronitta & Oliver for their big day yesterday :)
having  a lot of work to do yesterday. hahah. nvm. (tolong-menolong la knun, own family juga kan :)) hais, segala minuman kena kc kuar kemarin, <-- ( bukan juga semua ba, segelintir saja xDD) mau sy kc list? hm, tiger;montoku;bahar;tapai;sandy;dester. haha, skit seja ba pula kan? ahaha, blum lg kuar tu label 5 ama chivas. kalau ada itu baru la, KICKKKK! nah, lugai-lugai ba suma kana suru 'tius' itu "TAPAI"! bukan alang-alang rasa da. tawar JOHHHH! tdk 'tidak sukup rasa boh gia'! hahaha. hm, maciam besa 'ARAMAII TIHH tdk SAH tukalau tiada SET KARAOKE kn?? hahah. penuh semangat durg suma 'MELALAK'. bermacam-macam jenis lagu, suara ba kemarin. AWESOME la knun. hahah;DD oya, semalam sempat lagi ba 'BLACKOUT'==" shit. suda gtu, kena kc ceta-ceta hantu lagi ne. haiyaa, ber-teriak-teriak dalam gelap! <<--(tp, yg plik da ruma kami jk yg 'BLACKOUT') awesome kan? hahah. okayla,  tu jk tuk kemarin punya. (banyak lagi ba, tp ada yg sy lupa-lupa suda + malas mau type Joh ==")

22 January 2012 <<--- my big bro's birthday. so, kepada Selverich Emanuel a.K.a Jujuhak " happy Birthday". haha, awesome hadiah da d'awal pagi! kena bagi "BEER" sajuk then kana latak d pipi & kena smackDown oleh beliau d'awal pagi(version men'men punya smackdown ;DD) <<-- blum bangun lagi si JUJUHAK tu tym, suda kana kacau ba. hhaha. tiapa, bukan selalu juga ba kan? hahaha. nah, GONTUA suda dia. 

result PMR!
Wednesday, 21 December 2011 | 0 comment(s)
oh, Gosh! are we talking about PMR's result? oh, i hate my very pity result. haha, nvm. thats  all my fault then. i didn't care too much about my study. just play, play and play. after all happen and i got my result, then imma start to regret it. but i know, there no used to cry over the spoiled milk.:'D why i didn't take this thing seriously before this. i hate myself today............ i wonder if i can get all of the A. im the most happy people on that day. but, i know, past is past. no one can change for it. and now, imma trying to get all of the A's back in SPM 2013. i won't play too much, i had to make a change for myself. yeah, i'll through the next exam with a new of me. i won't promise but i'll keep trying :) 

Sunday, 18 December 2011 | 0 comment(s)
hello :) im gonna tell you about my holiday. some part of this year holiday is too boring and annoying for me. nothings I can do apart from sleeping and eating and the result is Im getting fat and sexay :D woah, and this 22th Dec 2011 all of  the PMR's candidates will take their result and Im scared with it. I wonder what will I get for my result. I just can pray and try to be calm :) if I got bad result, I will cry loud but just for a while and then smile. We have to accept it, even its hurt :') (lari topik sudah sy rasa) Ohyeah! Im joining caroling for this year, and it pretty cool. KOKA3 is the best! hha, we'll be the angel who'll sing at your home (non-muslim in area koka3 only) even our voice are not as good as the others but we trying our best to spreading the good news of Jesus's birth :) okay, i think thats all. when I got time and story I'll update my blog soon :) chauuuu~

new in be a Blogger , xDD
Thursday, 1 December 2011 | 0 comment(s)
haha, still noob with this thing. men hantam saja bt. apan tau jk. ahaha :D actlly, sy sndri pn tdk tau apa mau bt ama ne Blog. Just for fun :) nampak suma urg bt, jd sy pn mau join even late ckit. haha, sy pn tdk tau mciam mna mau bt layout da ne. hhah xDD hancur suma nya. bkin gila seja. btw, now Im listening to Adelle's song "someone like you". jd hilang ckit stress tym mau kc bgus ini blog. hahah, xDD

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